Oysters on the Half Shell

At the oyster bar at Blossom, you’ll always find 4-5 different varieties of these saltwater bivalves. Most are harvested along the East Coast, as far north Canada and as far south as the Lowcountry. When deciding on our oyster features, we keep in mind size, shell quality & flavor as well as local options when in season. The profiles vary drastically and having a balance of briny, sweet, mineral, and buttery flavors is key. See below for the rotating selection of oysters you’ll find here.

Beausoleil | Neguac, New Brunswick
firm, mild brininess, sweet finish 
Bluepoint | Connecticut
semi-wild, briny, moderate salt 
Broad River Blade | Beaufort, SC
medium sized, high salinity
Caper’s Blade | Caper’s Island, SC
medium sized, briny
Clark’s Island | Massachusetts
deep cup, crisp brine, light butter & kelp finish
Egg Island | Lewis Bay, MA
medium brine, earthy finish
Halfmoon | Massachusetts
deep cups, subtle brine, clean stone finish
James River | James River, VA
plump, mild brininess & flavor
Malagash | Canada
medium sized, mild vegetal flavor
Malpeque | Prince Edward Island
tender, high brininess, clean finish
Pemaquid | Maine
big, powerful brine
Pink Moon | Prince Edward Island
creamy texture, salt & mineral flavors 
Pleasant Bay | Orleans, MA
deep cup, modern salinity, clean prolonged finish
Summerside | Salutation Cove, P.E.I.
moderately briny, complex sweet, vegetal finish
Savage Harbour Blonde | P.E.I.
sharp brine, sweet stony finish 
Skull Creek Cups | Beaufort, SC
high salinity with mineral flavors
Taunton Bay | Northern Maine
plump, briny, hearty, buttery finish

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to Blossom and see (or taste!) for yourself. After all, the world is your oyster!

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